The Bluestem Prairie grass is a beautiful native plant used to restore our ecosystem and fit perfect with our goal in designing eco-friendly events to reduce environmental impact and be a part of restoring our ecosystem.

We specialize in bringing eco friendly values to your event. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of your event while not compromising the quality of your event and also saving you money too!

Bringing together my passions of event design, connecting with nature, and taking care of our environment.


THANK YOU for visiting my website and trusting me with your next event, I am Stephanie Julie,  founder of Bluestem Event Design. I absolutely love event planning, meeting all of you that I plan events for, and connecting with amazing vendors. I love the energy I get from the designing, planning and execution of events. One of my unique designs is bringing in natural elements and connecting with the very location you are having your wedding/event.

I love exploring the outdoors, traveling, hiking, gardening, and finding quaint unique coffee shops on travels as well as good eats and patios – I am a bit of a foodie and I love to cook! A  few of my favorite things is time well spent with family friends as well as vintage finds, ethical fashion, handmade products and eco-friendly living. I love finding ways to leave a positive impact on the environment, thus, my passion for bringing eco-friendly aspects into events.

I am MN/WI native, which is where my love for the Bluestem Praire grass came from. The prairie grass is used for many purposes, one being in permaculture to help restore eco-systems. I had a vision of bringing eco-friendly values and low carbon footprint into events to help reduce environmental impact and be a part of restoring our ecosystem, so this native plant fits the vision and goals of Bluestem Event Design perfectly.

I look forward to working with you for your next event, 

In your corner, 


It’s a beautiful world we live in; let take steps to take care of it